No Games, Just Great Pricing

Our Best Price Upfront!

Consumers vote with their dollars. If you encounter any of the games below, come ”Buy It From Bob!” Vote for a fast, fun and easy way to buy a car without all of the games!

What pricing games are played?

Game 1: We honor the men and women who serve in our military. Often times, advertised pricing includes the military rebate offered by the manufacturer. Bob Richards® Auto Group does not do this. If we have a low price and you qualify for the Military rebate, just subtract the rebate from the already competitive price advertised. Not in the Military? No problem. We don’t play the games with pricing. There are not any hidden rebates in our pricing that you may or may not qualify for. The advertised price IS your price.

Game 2: College graduates are often put through the same game as the fine men and women who serve in our Military. Our advertised prices do not include the College Graduate rebate. If you qualify for it, you get it. Subtract it from our advertised pricing. And if you don’t qualify – The advertised price IS your price.

Game 3: Not including the dealer fee, closing fee or ”DOC” fee in the advertised price is not allowed. You will not find hidden dealer fees at Bob Richards® Auto Group. If a vehicle is advertised at a specific price, the closing fee is already included in the price. The advertised price IS your price.

Game 4: Will not having a trade-in effect the advertised price? Not at Bob Richards® Auto Group! Our pricing is not subject to having a trade to receive a “Trade-In Rebate”. If a vehicle is advertised for a certain price, the advertised price IS your price. Trade or no trade.

Game 5: At Bob Richards® Auto Group, you will not be required to finance through specific sources in order to qualify for a price or pay thousands more for the vehicle. Occasionally, the manufacturer may provide special financing in lieu of rebates. This is the only time a financing source will be required. In some cases, the manufacturer’s subsidiary will provide rebates on specific vehicles, and this may be included in the advertised price. We recommend that you ask to see the incentive sheet from the manufacturer that reflects the monthly incentives and get a copy.

Remember, at Bob Richards® Auto Group, the advertised price IS your price.

When in Doubt – BUY IT FROM BOB!

To learn more about Bob’s benefits, give us a call at 803-279-8400, or stop by Bob Richards® Toyota at 5512 Jefferson Davis Highway, North Augusta, SC 29841. We proudly serve North Augusta, Augusta and Beech Island, SC!